Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation at the INI Hannover

Our goal is the multimodal treatment of patients, both at an early stage after an acute stroke as well as also after a stroke occurring a long while in the past, and also after traumatic brain damage with neurological failure symptoms (cognitive disturbances and peripheral paralyses). In a first step, neurological, internal and cardiological investigations are carried out, which allow us to obtain a detailed evaluation of the causes, risks and pathological changes requiring treatment. In parallel, we employ clinical neurophysiology and diagnostic imaging to evaluate the type of defects and the functional significance of these lesions. On this basis, we design the currently best individual neurological rehabilitation concept for our patients.

The next step consists of physical therapy including massage, mobilisation, coordination training, muscle development and power training. To optimise the such achieved results, we also apply peripheral and central neurostimulation. With the help of the brain stimulation we intend to directly activate the impaired motoric and sensory areas. With these options we also have optimal modern facilities for the improvement of the cognitive abilities such as language, memory, concentration, as well as functions that are necessary for complete movements and decision-making.

In parallel, we stimulate the peripheral nervous system as an additional means for the central stimulation. Here, we additionally have the possibility of direct muscle stimulation. We also use robot- and computer-based equipment in order to ensure the effectiveness of the training and also document the training progress at the same time. This helps us to assess the course of the rehabilitation daily and where necessary adapt this to the given situation.

Overall, we define a specially-tailored treatment plan for each patient, with the goal of significantly improved results in comparison to standard concepts of neurological rehabilitation.