Intraoperative Angiography:

At the INI an intraoperative angiography unit is available. This allows an unique collaboration of a neurosurgeon together with an interventional radiologist. This is an advantage in the treatment of difficult tumors or cerebrovascular malformation.

Intraoperative MR

As a special highlight the state-of-the-art intraoperative highfield MR is available for brain tumor surgery. This allows a maximum radical removal of tumors at the lowest risk for neurological deterioration from surgery.

By integration of a most sophisticated neuronavigation device , the surgeon may remove safely pathological structures in the brain, which are not visible for the human eye!
INI offers cutting-edge medical technology, our equipment is unique. Compare us!

Unique surgical planning

Individual surgery is planned carefully basing on MR images obtained from 3-Tesla MR device and supported by most sophisticated imaging software.